Verum Securitas Services is a specialised technology and investment consulting firm that provides advice to some of the most innovative emerging companies and individuals in the software, tech and finance industries. We provide top quality services to develop commercial strategies to access markets in Western, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

We offer technological solutions that are often required to compete in today’s market. In order to continue competing and improving, we offer our clients a lasting partnership with high-end software developers and management consultants available in Western and Eastern Europe. Our services adapt and develop software or hardware appropriate for digital business today. The team and company success brings together an array of business and technology experience, allowing us to solve complex market and business problems.


Sequestor was formed to provide a product suited to the changes we are seeing in this digital business environment.  We are getting to a stage for many organizations — small and large — where finding places to store data cost-effectively, in a way that also meets the business requirements, is becoming a serious challenge. It is certainly a top five issue for most organizations on an IT perspective, and for many in their top two priorities.

Sequestor storage solutions including Hybrid, All Flash and Software-defined storage models, enables organizations to deliver a unified, highly scalable, resilient and enterprise-grade storage infrastructure that is able to seamlessly adapt to changing business and data demands.