Advisory and Consultancy


Verum Securitas Services is a specialised technology and investment consulting firm that provides advice to some of the most innovative emerging companies and individuals in the software, tech and finance industries. We provide top quality services to develop commercial strategies to access markets in Western, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

We have a community of software developers available in Eastern Europe to adapt to our clients needs whether it be software or hardware. Once the right goal has been determined, we assist our clients to get the most out of their products by providing product strategies for a more agile and smarter business.

Moreover, our software and hardware designers provide experience and skills in the field of integrated, end to end online solutions with the most up to date technologies. The team and company success brings together an array of business and technology experience, allowing us to solve complex market and business problems we often find today. The pool of developers to which we have access to are well qualified and price competitive to those found in Western markets.

The specific background technology will be provided as part of the delivery plan for each product ordered, tested and accepted / delivered. The base principle is that for each system delivered in source code format, all ownership and control is provided to the customer. For complex systems containing hardware and software, the customer will be enabled to receive full technical support and training so that each system can be independently operated by the customer. For all products delivered, the customer will be offered a support, training and maintenance agreement to enable the independent deployment of all products purchased.