Marketing and Sales


In the field of managing the risk of technology products, we help our customers build a foundation of trust in both their technology as well as their competitive edge. Without this trust, it is difficult for our clients to press forward and grow their business. It is our key goal to leave our clients with a solid basis of trust in their software, hardware, business plans and general market goals. Their product, IP and technology needs to be secure and they have to be confident that their products and/or services are market ready for third parties.

We work with clients to form a business and/or product that is applicable and adaptable for the digital age we work in today. We believe a strong path forward is an agile one that can adapt to changing circumstances, economies, markets, competitors and trends.

Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle Eastern countries have a very attractive avenue for Western European products and projects. We provide European countries with a trusted and built network to safely enter and implement new products or projects into new territories. Technology management consulting, hard/software implementation and communication infrastructure are our core skills as a company – ready to assist clients in untapped or underutilized markets.